Amphibian Stage Productions - Fort Worth Theatre

Written by Donald Margulies
Main Stage Production

February 26 – March 22, 2015

Time Stands Still

In this “quietly powerful” play that “crackles with bright wit and intelligence”, Pulitzer-winner Donald Margulies gives us the poignant story of Sarah and James. As a photojournalist and foreign correspondent their relationship centers on telling the toughest stories from around the world. After a roadside bombing abroad nearly takes Sarah’s life, James decides that they’ve risked enough and asks her to stay in New York, where he hopes to nurture her and their declining relationship back to health. Caught between James’s loving appeals and her ambition to continue reporting, Sarah faces the life-altering decision between settling down or risking everything for her career.

“The heart of Time Stands Still resides in the gently evolving relationship between Sarah and James, which develops troubling new ripples in each scene.” – The New York Times

“Insightful writing, the work is smart, stylish, timely and layered with an intriguing seriousness that inspires discussion after the curtain comes down.” – Associated Press

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